Trade Finance

MTS Logistics introduces Seller Invoice Factoring, a dynamic trade finance solution designed to enhance your global trade operations seamlessly.
With MTS Logistics, experience agile financing, debt-free solutions, and enhanced negotiation capabilities on a global scale. Elevate your trade finance strategies with MTS Logistics and embrace a new era of reliability in global trade.
As part of our commitment to intelligent logistics, this service enables sellers to unlock immediate liquidity, address working capital needs, and navigate operational expenses without delays. Our expert team takes charge of payment collections, reducing administrative hassles and mitigating risks associated with delay or non-payment.

Immediate Cash Flow

Working Capital Optimization

Risk Mitigation

Speed and Flexibility

Debt-Free Financial Solutions

Enhanced Global Negotiations

Outsourced Credit Management


As you navigate the complexities of global trade, MTS Logistics stands as your strategic partner, offering efficient and secure Trade Finance solutions—where innovation meets reliability for an unparalleled global trade experience.